I remember the

I remember the day my children and I came to Wings Home Next Door. We were down and needy. We were feeling confused, overwhelmed, scared, wondering if we will ever find peace, reassurance, relief and stability. The feeling of helplessness and inferiority, fear of abandonment, the complex state of mind we were experiencing at that moment, made us feel hopeless and unhappy.

Wings Home Next Door has shown us the true example of protection. Wings knew what we needed. Attention and constant reassurance were exactly what we were looking for. My counselor helped me improve my mental health and recover by encouraging me to discuss my emotions and my experiences, by showing me how to deal with difficult emotions and trauma. Our stay in Wings gave us another chance to gain back our dignity and humanity. Honestly, I could never imagine how we would have survived without Wings Home Next Door by our side. We are grateful for its strong support system.

My children found their place, attend kids groups, and they benefit from all the events offered to become the people they are now (camp, K days, parties, rides to parks, zoo, restaurants, and different kinds of activities). They feel good about themselves, about their academics, and about their future, because they feel safe finally. They get honors every year in school because they learned what was best for them. They think positive and they prioritize their well-being over anything else. The groups matured them and helped them overcome their fear, uncertainty, and trauma. At the same time, they get to meet other children who share the same experience, they learn from them and they support each other. The groups give them the opportunity to have those human relationships every human being needs.

We have also been helped financially with school supplies, hygiene supplies, gift cards, bus tickets, clothing, proper food). Honestly, my children and I experienced all the fun for the first time in Wings Home Next Door. Their father was confining us and preventing us from our basic rights like going to school, having fun, playing outside, having friends, having proper food. I will always remember the place where my children and I had our rights for living. I would love to stay here forever because Wings staff is our only family. We don’t have family in Canada. But at the same time, I know that other women need and deserve to be here and to experience care, love, safety the same way we do. Thank you for giving us the gift to change our life and for helping us find our path and move forward.

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WINGS provides a critical piece of the healing journey. We reduce suffering in children and support women to live the happy and safe life they deserve.

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