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November 2021

About this event

Thank you for thinking of the families at WINGS this Holiday Season!

At WINGS, we continue to provide a warm, supportive home, counseling and life skill programs, to women and their children who are escaping abusive homes. Volunteer and fundraising events have been restricted during Covid-19, however, there are creative and meaningful ways you can help.

We work to brighten the season by providing WINGS families with gifts to let them know they are loved and supported – most importantly, that the community is thinking about them! This year we are requesting:

  • GIFT CARDS – Walmart, All Grocery Stores (Sobeys is within walking distance), GAS Cards, Shoppers Drug Mart, McDonalds, Tim Hortons, Boston Pizza, A&W, Amazon, Google Play, Amazon, Clothing Stores – Old Navy, Garage, Dynamite, Southgate Mall etc.
  • Toys for kids (all ages)
  • Gifts for Moms

Buy a Gift Card

Poverty and food security is a significant obstacle for our families. Grocery Gift Cards, including Walmart, Sobeys, Coop, Superstore, Safeway, etc., are provided to the families throughout the year, especially during the holiday season. Gift Cards can be mailed or delivered to WINGS office or you can ‘buy a gift card’ through WINGS website.

Why do the moms at WINGS love gift cards? It’s simple! Moms love to go shopping and purchase exactly what they need for themselves and their children. It gives women the opportunity to buy from the heart, and encourages independence. Often times when a mom is asked what she would like for Christmas, she can only name gifts for her children, but can’t think of anything for herself. Gift cards give the women more time to consider what they really need, and they can even make purchases in the new year.

The dollar amount on a gift card does not need to be large, and if we have extra gift cards after the holiday season, they are used throughout the year to help families.

November 2021

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WINGS provides a critical piece of the healing journey. We reduce suffering in children and support women to live the happy and safe life they deserve.

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