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Did you know that 55% of WINGS budget depends on the generosity of our wonderful community supporters, key stakeholders, corporate sponsors, fundraising events, and other grants? In order to operate our fully established facilities and programs, we must continue to ask our community for help. We are proud of what we accomplish at WINGS each day, and proud of the families who are breaking the cycle of family violence for themselves and future generations.

It is only with the help of generous supporters like YOU, and the many Champions in our community who continue to advocate for WINGS, that we can continue to offer a safe home with wrap around care and support to women and children escaping abuse.

Thank you to the Government of Alberta, Community Services & Supports Division, for continued funding.

Donate Clothing, Household, or School Items What We Accept

There are limited staff members to sort and distribute donated items. Please assist us by following the guidelines outlined in What We Accept. Please note, there is a limit of 5 bags/boxes of donations per person. Drop off only. Please call 780-426-4985 to schedule a drop off appointment.

Other Ways You can Help


We would love to build a relationship with you! We need your help to save more women and children. Help us by becoming a sponsor – a Champion for WINGS. We are proud to partner with corporations, businesses, and social groups in our community who want to make a difference. We recognize our corporate sponsors through our website, social media, newsletter, and other meaningful ways.

  • Consider WINGS as your charity of choice
  • Sponsor a WINGS fundraising event
  • Hold a private fundraising event within your community (3rd party fundraiser) – contact us with your idea!
  • Sponsor a child ($50/month)
  • Sponsor a family ($100/month)
  • Consider us at Christmas in lieu of gifts to your clients
  • Tell the business community about WINGS
  • Follow us on social media and share our posts
  • Offer free or discounted services/gifts/funding for a family event or kids activity (e.g. Kids’ camp, City of Edmonton Attraction passes, Pizza Nights, Christmas Party, etc.)
  • Donate to the renovation and maintenance of our facilities

Sponsor Now

Sponsor a Child

Make a difference in a child’s life! With your help we can ensure that children are provided: safe, top quality daycare while mom returns to  work or school; hot lunch program and healthy snacks; and specialized programs designed for children who may be experiencing trauma or post traumatic stress disorder.

Sponsor a Child

Fundraising Committee

WINGS Special Events Committee is comprised of passionate, volunteer leadership team members, who believe in the work being done at WINGS and most importantly, in the families we serve.

This team orchestrates the overall production of WINGS annual Mother’s Day Tea fundraising event, and the Make Believe Ball and Online Auction event, which raise approximately $60,000 annually. Committee members are WINGS ultimate Champions; they are involved in other fundraising events and volunteer activities throughout the year (Santa’s Workshop, Casinos, Social Media Campaigns, Nest Egg Club Appreciation, 3rd party events). Committee members are enthusiastic, upbeat, doers!

Duties and Responsibilities include:

  • Attend ongoing committee meetings, other events and functions as requested. Committee meetings will be held as often as deemed necessary, and will be of appropriate length to sufficiently plan and manage fundraising events.
  • Assist WINGS Fund Development staff in organizing fundraising events, recruiting vendors, identifying potential sponsors, helping to coordinate volunteers, etc.
  • Promoting events, acquiring and managing silent auction items, managing guest experiences
  • Act as an ambassador and advocate for WINGS in personal and professional settings.
  • Assist in identification and recruitment of new Event Committee members.

Ideal candidates for the Special Events Committee

  • Are passionate about non-profit work and WINGS mission; fundraising and event planning.
  • Have experience in event planning and coordination of volunteers is an asset
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to collaborate and solve problems with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.
  • Passion for WINGS values with a commitment to deliver results that support WINGS mission.

To Apply:
Submit your resume or CV and a letter of interest to
with “[Your Name] – Special Events Committee” in the subject line. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.
**Candidates must be 18+ years to apply and a current criminal check.**

Email Resume Now


WINGS first ever “Be a WINGMAN” campaign launched in September 2021. This campaign quickly gained momentum among WINGS supporters and our community, and highlights the many influential men in our community who are taking a stand against domestic violence. We call them WINGMEN! We see the incredible impact that social media driven campaigns have in effecting change through awareness, education, and brand building. Thank you to all of our amazing WINGMAN for doing their part!

What is a WINGMAN?


  • Someone who helps, protects, or guides a friend or associate
  • Is a role that a person may take when a friend needs support
  • A pilot partner of another, a pilot who flies in the same wing or squadron
  • A pilot who supports another in a potentially dangerous flying environment
  • A WINGS Champion!


  • In alignment with WINGS mission and vision and believe in the work being done within our organization and the programs offered.
  • Passionate about helping victims of abuse.
  • Passionate about being a part of the conversation in ending domestic abuse,
  • Motived to start conversation and encourage others to take part,
  • Ready to take a stand against abuse and equally ready to motivate others to do so.

How you can contribute…

  • Become a WINGMAN yourself – all donations big or small will make a great impact, and all financial contributors will be considered a WINGMAN.
  • SPONSOR a WINGMAN by making a donation by clicking here. WINGMEN will be notified that they have been sponsored and by whom, (unless that person wishes to remain anonymous). We encourage sponsors to share their contribution through social media. WINGMEN are to raise as much money as they possibly can for WINGS!
  • Anyone who donates a gift of $25 or more will receive a custom-made ‘WINGMAN’ lapel pin which we will gift to you! This proudly states that you are a WINGMAN and encourages further conversation.

Other things you need to know

  • You will receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation in any amount.
  • At the end of the campaign, all WINGMEN will be notified of the total amount he has raised through the campaign, including any sponsorships that he has received.
  • An amazing group of design students from Pixel Blue College developed the logo for this campaign as well as social media design elements, and are excited to be a part of this project.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see a new WINGMAN every day! It’s time to engage men in the conversation, and collectively put an end to abuse. Follow us on Twitter for up to date awareness and education on how men can do their part!

Help WINGS continue to provide a safe, welcoming home and critical support services for women and children escaping domestic abuse. CLICK HERE to donate and sponsor a WINGMAN today.


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Be a WINGS Champion

Our community grows as your friends become our friends. There are many mays you can become a Champion for WINGS:

  • Join our Newsletter
  • Follow and share WINGS on social media
  • Volunteer or attend our fundraising events and encourage your friends to join you
  • Host a 3rd party fundraiser in support of WINGS – tell us about your idea!
  • Educate those around you about WINGS and the lifesaving work we do
  • Inquire at friends/family businesses who may be interested in sponsoring WINGS through an event or as their chosen charity
  • WINGS membership – For $5 annually, any Resident of Alberta 18 years of age or more and any Registered Society may become a member and will have:
    • First access to WINGS newsletter and all other communications
    • Voting privileges at any meeting of the members of the Society which can include: election of board officers, approval of the Audited Financial Statements, changes in the bylaws; and other. 

Our members are true WINGS Champions and have a strong interest and voice in the future of our WINGS.

A WINGS Champion is anyone who is:

  • Passionate about taking a stand against domestic abuse and gender-based violence.
  • Believes in empowering women to lead the safe, healthy, life they deserve – free from abuse. 
  • Believes that children are our future; healthy children, create healthy families, which create healthy communities. The fact that over half the population residing in shelters across Alberta are children – is not acceptable.
  • Believes in WINGS mission, to save lives and create futures for women and children in our community free from family violence.
  • On the lookout for potential partnerships, collaborations, and funding opportunities for WINGS, and letting us know about it.
  • Eager to spread the word about how WINGS is helping families in our community, whether it is telling a friend, co-worker, or following our social media. Just by sharing an upcoming WINGS event or domestic violence information, you are helping to further our mission.
  • Informative about WINGS and the services we provide, and proud to take a stand and say “no more family violence!”

Perhaps you are already a WINGS Champion. Tell us about it! Let us know if you have a unique idea or connection in the community so that WINGS can help more women and children. We would love to hear from you and thank you for your support!

Become a WINGS Champion by Joining Our Newsletter


Your time is valuable, and we greatly appreciate everyone who volunteers at WINGS! There are many different opportunities to volunteer for WINGS. 

  • Childcare volunteer (Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Friday mornings 9am – 11am)
  • Light Repair & Maintenance
  • Join our Fundraising Committee (select this tab above)
  • Attend various Events and Fundraisers – WINGS hosts different events throughout the year where volunteers are required. Check out our ‘Events’ page to see the latest updates!

Childcare Volunteer

WINGS is searching for a committed and long-term volunteer to help in our childcare each Friday morning from 9:00am-11:30am. Volunteers will be assisting childcare staff with Children ages 3mos – kindergarten.


  • Must have patience, compassion, and enjoy working with preschool children.
  • Good physical health with strength to pick up children, and good mobility.
  • Must commit to volunteering for a minimum of 6 consecutive months.
  • Must be punctual.
  • Must be 18+
  • Criminal Record Check and Intervention check is required.
  • Interview Required – we want to know more about you!
  • Level I, II, or III – a great asset!

Please contact for more information regarding the application process.

Contact Now

Light Repair & Maintenance

Volunteer your time, experience, and expertise by helping with light building repairs and maintenance. Volunteers are required on an as needed basis as different projects and building needs pop up throughout the year. Some of the services needed may include:

  • Painting an apartment unit and common areas
  • Cleaning up the playground and planting flower pots
  • Putting together pieces of furniture for apartment suites and common spaces incl. offices
  • Hauling old/damaged pieces of furniture, broken electronics, and other items to the dump, eco station etc. Must provide your own truck to haul.
  • Snow Removal in parking lots
  • Other odd jobs throughout the year

Do you have an idea of how you can help? Perhaps you are a certified tradesperson who would like to donate his/her skills and services. Let us know! Please email: or select the button below.

Contact Now

Join the Nest Egg Club

Did you know that anything left over from your estate can be deferred to charity? Consider WINGS as your charity of choice by joining our Nest Egg Club. Our Nest Egg Club program is designed to recognize and honour those who have made provisions for a future gift through a bequest, beneficiary designation in life insurance, RRSP/RRIF, or trust agreement. A gift in your will can help save the lives of women and children who have escaped abuse. We hope that through our Nest Egg Club and legacy effort, friends like you will include WINGS in their future giving plans to ensure that we can continue to help families for many future generations. 

Want to learn more? Give us a call or send us an email and we would be happy to answer your questions.

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Women’s Voices

WINGS wrap around support services empower women to recognize their trauma, begin to heal and start a new life.

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